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McGuckin and Dasti Head to New Jersey Supreme Court

Gregory P. McGuckin and Christopher J. Dasti are going to the New Jersey Supreme Court.  Mr. McGuckin and Mr. Dasti filed a Petition for Certification asking the Court to hear an appeal from the Appellate Division of a case involving the Firm’s client, Ocean Township (Waretown).  The case involves a zoning issue related to the township.  The High Court granted the Petition for Certification and will hear the case next week.

The New Jersey Supreme Court is the state’s highest appellate court. It is composed of a chief justice and six associate justices. As the highest appellate court, the Supreme Court reviews cases from the lower courts.  Certification is granted only to a small percentage of cases and generally only if the appeal presents a question of general public importance which has not been but should be settled by the Supreme Court.

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Koutsouris Becomes Founding Member of National DUI Organization

Christopher K. Koutsouris has become a founding member of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys.  The organization includes a select group of attorneys in the United States specializing in DUI/DWI defense.  The organization offers training materials, continuing legal education seminars, and provides its members the ability to discuss legal issues related to DUI/DWI defense.

Mr. Koutsouris specializes in municipal court defense work, including DUI/DWI defense.  Mr. Koutsouris has been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Certified Municipal Law Attorney. Mr. Koutsouris was a part of the first group of attorneys in New Jersey to receive such a certification and is now the only Certified Municipal Law Attorney in Ocean County. As a Certified Municipal Law Attorney, Mr. Koutsouris has shown his comprehensive experience and knowledge in the area of Municipal Court Law, which includes DWI defense, motor vehicle infractions, drug offenses, assault and disorderly persons offenses.