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Firm Wins Another Victory in Appellate Division

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The Firm has recently prevailed on appeal in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, reversing a decision of the Lower Court, on an employment related matter. In Yak and Teamsters Local 469 v. Stafford Township, the Firm defended the decision of Stafford Township to dismiss an employee who had been the subject of a number of disciplinary proceedings. The Trial Court had initially ruled against the Municipality.
On appeal however, the Superior Court Appellate Division reversed the Lower Court finding that the arguments presented by the Firm on behalf of the Township merited a full reversal of the Lower Court decision and an affirmance of the dismissal of the public employee. The Court found that the Firm’s argument that the Hearing Officer in the disciplinary matter did not render a final decision was correct as a matter of Law. The Firm argued that the Township’s Governing Body ultimately makes the final decision and that a Hearing Officer’s determination is simply a recommendation to the Governing Body. The case was argued on appeal by Partner Jerry J. Dasti, Esquire, and the briefs were prepared by both Jerry J. Dasti, Esquire, and Martin J. Buckley, Esquire.

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