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Dasti Receives Attorney’s Fees Award

Christopher J. Dasti recently received an attorney’s fees award for the Firm’s client the Ocean County Board of Social Services (the Board).  In the case, Dasti filed a Motion In Lieu of Answer to Dismiss a complaint filed by a landlord against the Board because the Board was providing public assistance to the landlord’s tenant.  The tenant ultimately defaulted on the obligation to pay rent and the landlord sought to make the Board pay the outstanding rent.

The court granted the motion to dismiss filed by Dasti and dismissed the complaint filed against the Board.  The court found that the complaint was meritless as there was no legally enforceable agreement between the landlord and the Board.  Additionally, the court granted Dasti’s request for the landlord to reimburse the attorney’s fees and costs incurred to the Board as a result of the landlord’s baseless action.  As a result, the Firm recouped all costs incurred to the Board resulting in no costs to the taxpayers of Ocean County.